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In the next five years, Signal Crest aspires to become a neighbor-minded church, wholeheartedly devoted to Christ, growing a community of disciples who offer love to one another and share the grace of God through compassion and service.

We endeavor to be a church that invites the outside world inside our doors and to be a congregation of committed disciples, who are the hands and feet of God.

Vision - Full Download

If you would like to review the full Vision Framework (tabloid-size PDF format), please click here.

This will give you the best overview of the Vision, which includes the themes and timeline for implementation (from abbreviated version) as well as details on future-facing priorities for Signal Crest.

Vision - Abbreviated Download

If you would like to review the abbreviated Vision Framework (letter-size PDF format), please click here.

This will give you a top-level overview of the Vision, which outlines the themes and timeline for implementation.


Scriptural Basis

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:10-13

Congregational Planning and Discernment

The Vision Team led several large and small group Congregational Vision events, where the Vision Framework was researched, discerned, and later summarized. Videos of both Kick-Off sessions as well as Vision Resources can be downloaded from "Additional Resources" for review below. Thanks to all participants!

Vision Team Members and Contact (click to expand)

Our September 9, 2018 Council meeting led off with the presentation and approval of the Nominations Committee's recommendations for the 4 Associate Lay Leaders who will work alongside the Lay Leader (Kathy Robertson) to begin the initial phase of Vision implementation: 

"Trusted Leadership" Shepherd: Paul Jensen
This team will primarily serve in a leadership advisory capacity and will focus specifically on the transparency and efficacy of church leadership. 

  • LeeAnn Adams
  • Win Cooke
  • Shannon Lowe
  • Christy Tomisek
  • Marti Wayland
  • Nancy Williams

To contact the "Trusted Leadership " team , please email Paul Jensen by  clicking here.

"Devoted Hospitality" Shepherd: Hugh Bullock 
This team will work to bring about change at Signal Crest by facilitating improved hospitality efforts to ensure guests experience thoughtfully curated initial visits and are met with Christ's love from our membership and message. 

  • IngridDysinger
  • Nancy Krebs
  • Carla Helm
  • Doug Eichner
  • Debbie Matthews
  • Caroline Freeman
  • Garth Beany
  • Nancy Craig
  • Sarah Love
  • Rhea Thurman
  • Jeff Romero
  • Renee Romero

To contact the "Devoted Hospitality " team , please email Hugh Bullock by  clicking here.

"Elevated Warmth" Shepherd: Mitchell Johnson

This team will focus on building upon existing support systems and membership care efforts to improve congregational care and church unity. 

  • BillThornton
  • Faye Hitchcock
  • Rachel Cowart
  • Lisa Andrews
  • B.W. Ruffner
  • Bertie Strickler

To contact the "Elevated Warmth " team , please email Mitchell Johnson by  clicking here.

"Equipped Disciples" Shepherd: Colin Johnson

This team will focus on establishing an improved educational format by creating better processes and resources for small group formation and leadership. 

  • RandyEvans
  • Carole Waller
  • Bob Waller
  • Carole Long
  • Paul Helle
  • Allison Maynard

To contact the "Equipped Disciples" team , please email Colin Johnson by  clicking here.

This approval marked a major milestone for the Visioning process where--in just under one year--we have discerned where God is leading Signal Crest, and are already beginning to put words into action. Kudos, to everyone, for making this a reality!

And, special thanks to the Vision Team who--over many months--fleshed out a Vision Framework: Colin Johnson, Jamie Culbertson, Ingrid Dysinger,  Steve Strickler, Paul Jensen, Kathy Robertson, Kirby Johnson, and Jeff Culbertson.



The Vision Team estimates these projects to last one year or less, and appreciates your commitment to making Signal Crest an even better church.

Trusted Leadership

Regain congregation's trust by continuing to be financially responsible and transparent stewards of the church's resources

To connect, email Paul Jensen  by  clicking here.

Devoted Hospitality

Create amazing guest experiences focused on attracting and retaining potential members

To connect, email Hugh Bullock  by 
clicking here.

Elevated Warmth

Curate best practices for congregational care and promote support systems for members in need

To connect, email Mitchell Johnson  by 
clicking here.

Equipped Disciples

Launch an education format to provide improved opportunities for deeper spiritual learning and discipleship

To connect, email Colin Johnson by  clicking here.