signal crest united methodist church

Signal crest zoom online talent show | april 15 at 6pm

This is going to be a fun event for our entire Signal Crest family! During this time of social distancing, people have had time to continue growing their talents or finding a new one. We want to showcase those talents in our first online talent show! We are encouraging any and all types of talents from music, art, cooking, teaching, lawn care, etc! Be creative and have fun! You can enter into 5 different categories (Musical, Drama, House Talent, Active Talent and Arts). We are also encouraging people to join even if they are not participating in the show! We will provide instruction to our zoom meeting closer to the event. To sign up follow the information below.  We look forward to seeing the talents of Signal Crest!

Rules & Guidelines: 

1. Must be church appropriate. 

2. Video must be 3 minutes or less. 

3. 1 video per family/person. 

4. Extra points awarded for group attire. 

How to Sign Up: 

1. Fill out the information below. 

2. Email Drew ([email protected]) a video of your talent (We are planning for everyone to do their talent live, but we will have your video as a back up if the internet isn't cooperating). 

3. Video must be turned in by April 13th at 5pm. 


Musical Talent: Vocal, Instrumental, Band, Etc.

Drama Talent: Skits, Dad Jokes, Magic, Monologue, Etc. 

House Talent: Cooking, Lip Syncing, Lawn Care, School Teaching, Etc.

Active Talent: Martial Arts, Dancing, Athletics, Trick Shots, Etc. 

Art Talent: Water coloring, Drawing, Wood working, Finger Painting, Etc. 

Signal Crest Family Zoom Talent Show